Where can I find a 95350 Dental Office?

If you’re concerned about stained or yellow teeth come and talk to Dr. Florendo and his staff at Great Smiles Dental. Professional teeth whitening procedures have become an increasingly popular and effective approach to dramatically brighten your teeth and achieve the dazzling smile you want. Professional teeth whitening treatment erases stains and reverses age-related tooth discoloration to give your smile back its sparkle. There are a variety of options available for lightening and brightening your smile, and the team at your 95350 dental office will be glad to talk you through them.

95350 Dental Office

The advantage of a chair-side whitening procedure as performed here at our 95350 dental office is that it’s done under the supervision of a dental professional and delivers fast results – in as little as one hour you can achieve a smile that’s several shades whiter and brighter than before. An in-office chair-side tooth whitening procedure is a very popular choice for many of our patients, since the procedure is relatively quick and the results are so dramatic.

Another way to whiten your teeth is through a take-home whitening kit prescribed for you in our 95350 dental office. If you want to more closely monitor your results or want to gradually brighten your teeth over time, a take-home whitening kit may be a good choice. Dr. Florendo can advise you as to the most appropriate treatment schedule for maximizing the effectiveness of your kit. It’s also a very straight-forward process: you simply apply the prescribed amount of whitening gel to the tray, slip it over your teeth and let it do its job!

Dr. Florendo and his staff at your 95350 dental office are proud of the lifelong relationships they have built with generations of families in the Modesto area, and would be happy to discuss all your teeth whitening options. Call today to schedule your visit!

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